EMET to Help Mitigate Threats on Your Windows Systems

emetEMET or Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (someone in marketing needs fired) is an MS tool that adds some protections against attacks. It provides some advanced functionality.

There are some nice defaults to protect the usual suspects (Like Internet Explorer, Java, and Adobe), but some more advanced options to protect other applications as well.

You can use this on your servers and WIndows 7 and 8 desktops (and the poor folks who still run Vista) also. I strongly suggest you read up on this and deploy it to systems you care about.  I would take a lower risk system first to get the hang of how it works and behaves to prevent breakage of production systems.

Its free, and it reduces risks, so why not?

TrustedSec has written up a great article, so I am linking to them, and directly to the MS web site for EMET……Enjoy

TrustedSec-EMET Install and deployment guide

MS Home page on EMET

MS EMET Mitigations Guidelines

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