About Me

Not interested in a glory page.

But just in case you want to know who writes this nonsense.

I am a Technologist. Linux Nerd, Security Nerd. I travel around the US (and abroad for fun) and enjoy learning new things and experiencing new cultures and adventures. I am generally considered pretty good at all things technical, and I can talk to normal humans also.

I have done many strange things….Being a Dad, a radio DJ, Nuclear Weapons Specialist, drag racing cars, Volleyball Coach, Business Owner, Amateur Video Game Developer (new one coming soon)..I maintain a Linux distro (wattOS).

For the purpose of revenue generation and to remain housed and clothed, I consult in technology. Primarily focused in healthcare. I enjoy virtualization technologies (VMware) and making things work within that arena and for the purposes of remaining current and employed I do have to help people un-break their Windows OS (servers and workstations) and do security analysis work (Pen-testing, white\gray\black work related to that) and the overuse of parenthesis for the multiple voices in my head.

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