Dont fear getting under the hood

The more I use computers and specifically Linux, the more I enjoy the terminal. I can quickly get what I want and where I want. Additionally it allows me to see what is really happening under the shiny gloss of a UI and more effectively troubleshoot. I started in a terminal 35 years ago, and here I am now back at a terminal…ha

I tell friends I am not sure if I am evolving or turning into a curmudgeon as I continue to use the terminal more and more in my daily life. To that end, below is a non-comprehensive list of some good terminal programs I use.

If you are not a Linux user, then I guess this means nothing to you except that maybe you should go find a copy to try out…If not, go back to the comfort of your start button.

htop – for processes
cmus – music goodness (and streaming)
links2 – terminal browser (use -g for graphics)
iptraf – good for monitoring network traffic on interfaces
netstat – of course you know this
openvpn – very good VPN and you can config and use with many commercial VPN products with a little effort.
weechat – terminal IRC (some prefer IRSSI) but weechat is nice and easy also
ctorrent – terminal bittorrent
mutt – email – takes a little work to setup and understand – but really cool and flexible
netcat – good networking file/copy utility – also has some other nice tricks 🙂
nmap – network mapper – scan subnets/hosts, all kinds of other goodies…very powerful. (terminal or you can get zenmap for UI also)
mtr – traceroute (terminal or can open a window)
pv – nice utility that shows throughput and progress of copying a file, etc
taskwarrior – terminal task management – very comprehensive
cmatrix – because who does not want a matrix style window open
ranger – nice terminal file manager – tree like navigation
tilda – cool drop down terminal (quake style)
wavemon – good wireless signal monitoring from terminal

Barely scratches the surface, but will keep you busy and stimulated for a while. 🙂

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